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We now our first genetics information. This new section we hope beginning and advanced hobbiest will enjoy. In these pages you will find a wealth of information about pigeon Genetics.

Editors note: I will be creating each submission as an entire section of the website. Each author will be listed and you will be able to go th their section and read their material. The NPA website will not take a position on anyones work, however, we will be working with peer review articles due to the scientific nature of this section.

I want to thank the following people for their assistance here.

Ron Huntley

Ron Huntley graciously allowed us to transcribe some articles from his website. Please check out Rons site. There is a lot more information posted there. For more information about Ron Huntley and the other contributors you can read more about them by going to the contributors page.

I also wish to thank Dr. Richard Cryburg PhD., Dr. James Gratz DVM, an avid Modena Breeder, and Grigiriy Zilberg all whom either wrote or contributed to this genetics information. Thanks to all.

Beginning Genetics from Ron Huntley

Ron acknowledges the following for information found on his website which was obtained from the following reference source publications:

Grigiriy Zilberg contributed this article that is interesting. You can find the article located here.

Dr Willard F. Hollander

Dr. Willard. F. Hollander always tried to make his pigeon genetics material as inexpensive and as available as possible. In that spirit his son Paul Hollander has placed a pdf file of his NPA Information Booklet #1, Project on Genetics on the net for all to read or downolad. Click here to view this booklet or download a free copy. Download Warning -- 6 MB

During his life, Dr. Hollander, also known as Doc in our pigeon world, was involved in many pigeon related issues and or projects. To learn more about Dr Hollander Click Here.

One such project was serving as the first editor for "The Pigeon Genetics News Letter" beginning with issue #1 dated January 1957 through issue # 40 dated October 1966. Doc loved to teach and especially he loved teaching and explaining pigeon genetics. What follows are transcribed copies of the original issues with only personal addresses and outdated references omitted. These transcribed copies are made available thanks to the hard work of Dr. Richard Cryberg who took the pains taking steps to reconstruct them from print into computer text. They are all here for interested viewers to study or copy.

Ron Huntley has grouped them into sets of ten issues per web page. There is a short forward written by Dr. Cryberg followed by an index of topics for the entire set of 40 issues. I hope you find them as interesting as I have. I would also like to thank Dr. Cryberg for making this possible. It goes without saying that we also owe our beloved late friend Dr. Hollander our deepest gratitude for his life's work in genetics and pigeons. Thank you Doc, may your legacy and words of knowledge live on.

Webmasters note: The following articles are links outside of the NPA website and will open a new browser window.

Forward by Richard Cryberg followed by the Index of Issues
Issues 1 thru 10
Issues 11 thru 20
Issues 21 thru 30
Issues 31 thru 40

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