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Founders of the NPA

The founders of the NPA are in this image taken from Supplement to Pigeons and Pigeon World Magazine C.1919

NPA Founders

Officers and council of the National Pigeon Association and Marking Conference, Ltd.

Top row (Left to right) Messrs. G.E. Grey. F. Machin, and II N. Leighton Second Row: Messrs. A.C. Tattersal, G. Lappin and W. Hunter Johnston. Third Row: Messrs. S. Palgrave Page, J.P. (President), P.R. Harrower, Rev. E Hepworth Thwaites and Dr. C.H. Tattersall (hon. secretary). Fourth Row: Messrs. H Wilkinson, A. Wright, H.S. Whitehead (ring distributor), J.F. King, and G.A. Candler




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